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AccidentAdvisor® provides nationwide assistance for car accidents, defective products, and work injuries. We help people navigate the claims process and maximize their settlements through education and access to local personal injury lawyers.

The AccidentAdvisor legal network includes hundreds of top-rated personal injury lawyers from all 50 states. To participate in our network, lawyers must meet strict experience and performance requirements.

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Free claim reviews for accident victims.

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Specialists available via call, text, or chat.

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Top-rated injury lawyers in your area.

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Claim assistance that fits your schedule.

Rocky Horton

Founder & CEO

Rocky Horton

Rocky Horton is a health and safety expert that’s been featured in Forbes, Bloomberg, and other publications. After witnessing first-hand the dirty tactics that insurance companies use to deny claims and minimize settlements, he founded AccidentAdvisor to help accident victims fight back and get the justice that they deserve.