IKEA USB Charger Recall: What You Need to Know

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In a world where nearly 5 billion people use mobile devices, the chargers powering these lifelines are often overlooked—until they pose a risk. I was taken aback to learn that IKEA has initiated a significant USB charger safety recall spanning products sold over nearly three years. As a provider of affordable furniture and home goods, IKEA’s recall of its ÅSKSTORM 40W USB Chargers underscores a global concern for consumer electronics’ safety. With instances of burns and electric shock reported, this IKEA recall USB charger alert demonstrates the company’s commitment to customer safety.

Having been on the market from April 2020 through December 2023, and priced around $30, it’s crucial for consumers who may have purchased this charger either online or in-store nationwide to take note of the IKEA USB Charger Recall. While no incidents have been reported in the United States, caution is emphasized as the chargers have been implicated in several safety incidents abroad, prompting immediate action.

Key Takeaways

  • IKEA’s ÅSKSTORM 40W USB Chargers are being recalled due to safety concerns.
  • Worldwide reports include burns and electric shock, prompting the product recall.
  • Customers may return their chargers to IKEA for a refund, with no receipt required.
  • The recall affects chargers sold between April 2020 and December 2023.
  • Consumer vigilance and immediate action are advised for the usb charger safety recall IKEA.
  • Staying informed about product recalls is essential for consumer safety.

Overview of the IKEA ÅSKSTORM USB Charger Recall

As a vigilant consumer, it’s imperative for me to share with you the IKEA USB charger product recall that has surfaced, bringing forth significant safety concerns. The product in spotlight is the ÅSKSTORM USB charger, clad in a business-like gray and carrying the model identification of ICPSW5-40-1. Alert to the safety of its customers, IKEA has initiated a IKEA USB charger safety alert, which has caught my attention for its pressing urgency.

It has come to light that there have been a considerable number of incidents reported globally with this particular USB charger. To date, the tally stands at 17 reported instances where owners have faced perilous situations ranging from burns to electric shocks. This startling revelation underscores the necessity of the IKEA product recall alert, showcasing IKEA’s commitment to rectify the situation with their immediate response.

For those of you who own this charger, please heed the call and prioritize your safety. IKEA presents a user-friendly recall process that does not require the original purchase receipt. Hence, facilitate your own well-being by returning the charger and securing a full refund from IKEA.

In an effort to illustrate the gravity of the situation and the breadth of the recall, I have encapsulated the key details within an informative table:

ProductModel NumberColorIncident Reports WorldwideAction Required
ÅSKSTORM 40W USB ChargerICPSW5-40-1Gray17Return for Full Refund

Understanding the risks associated with continued use of the charger and acting upon this recall will ensure not only your safety but also uphold the integrity of product safety standards. I fervently believe in empowering my readers with knowledge that can prevent harm; this recall is an instance where immediate action is not only recommended but essential.

Details of the IKEA USB Charger Recall

Consumers are often drawn to IKEA for its innovative and customer-friendly products, but recent developments have brought a critical IKEA USB charger warning to public attention. The recall pertains to the popular askstorm usb charger, raising concerns about customer safety. As someone personally dedicated to consumer advocacy, I find it essential to delve into every aspect of this situation to inform and protect the public.

Recalled Product Description

The ÅSKSTORM 40W USB Charger carrying the model number ICPSW5-40-1 is the focal point of the ikea charger recall notice. This particular model stands out with its sleek design and convenient detachable power cord, which features a C7 connector that’s designed for ease of use. Below is a table detailing key aspects of the recalled charger model:

Model NumberPower RatingCord Features
ICPSW5-40-140WDetachable, C7 Connector

Despite its popularity, this product has become a significant concern due to the ikea usb charger safety notice issued globally. Customers should immediately identify if their charger matches this model for their own safety.

Incidents and Safety Concerns

Validating the urgency of the usb charger safety recall IKEA, there have been 17 reported incidents worldwide. These incidents include five reports of burn injuries, with another four involving electric shock. These figures don’t just represent statistics but actual consumers who’ve faced harm, and therefore, I cannot emphasize enough the gravity of this alert for all IKEA customers, both internationally and within the US.

Refunds and Disposal Instructions

For those affected by the ikea usb charger warning, it is imperative to stop using the ÅSKSTORM 40W USB Charger immediately. Fortunately, IKEA is offering a full refund to customers, and no receipt is required to process this refund, assuring that the remedy to this situation is customer-focused and accessible. See the following procedure:

  1. Return the USB charger to any IKEA store to receive a full refund.
  2. If an in-store return is not possible, contact IKEA for proper disposal instructions and refund procedures.

It is my hope that bringing awareness to these steps not only aids in a quick resolution but also reinforces the importance of adhering to product safety recalls. The well-being of consumers is paramount, and as a committed informer, I consider it my responsibility to guide and protect through the dissemination of such critical information.

How to Identify if Your Charger is Affected

In light of the recent ikea usb charger product recall, it’s essential for me to guide you through the steps to determine if your device is part of the ikea product recall alert. The specific item in question is the ÅSKSTORM 40W USB charger, model number ICPSW5-40-1, and locating this number is crucial for your safety.

Here’s a straightforward method to confirm if your ÅSKSTORM charger is impacted:

  • Turn the USB charger over and examine the label on the back.
  • Look for the model number ICPSW5-40-1 near the bar code.
  • If this model number is present, your charger is included in the recall.
  • Immediately cease use to prevent potential risks to yourself and loved ones.

If you’ve determined that your charger is indeed recalled, please follow the official IKEA recall instructions at your earliest convenience. Ensuring your safety is my utmost priority, and adhering to these guidelines is a significant step towards this goal.

Prevent potential risks by verifying your USB charger’s model number and responding promptly to the recall notice.

IKEA USB Charger Recall Refund Process

In light of the recent IKEA USB charger recall, as an advocate for consumer safety, I feel it is essential to outline the process for those impacted by the IKEA charger recall notice. The urgency of attending to this safety notice cannot be overstated, and thus, IKEA has established clear, uncomplicated steps to ensure customers can respond swiftly and without any financial burden. Below is an elucidation of how affected customers can navigate the refund process.

Returning Your Charger In-Store

If you’re in possession of an affected charger, immediately prioritizing your safety is paramount. Taking the device to any IKEA store is the most direct approach to resolve the issue under the IKEA USB charger safety alert. Upon presenting the ÅSKSTORM charger, the store will facilitate a full refund expeditiously, and importantly, a receipt is not a requirement for this process.

Contacting IKEA for Disposal and Refund

For consumers who are unable to return the charger in-store, rest assured that an alternative solution is in place. By reaching out to IKEA, you will receive comprehensive instructions on how to properly dispose of the charger. This step not only aids environmental protection but also ensures that you adhere to safety guidelines. Following the disposal instructions will warrant a full refund, reaffirming IKEA’s commitment to their customer’s well-being and satisfaction amidst the IKEA USB charger safety notice.

Refund OptionProcedureReceipt Required?Refund Timeline
In-Store RefundBring the ÅSKSTORM charger to any IKEA store.NoImmediate
Mail-In RefundContact IKEA for disposal instructions.NoAfter compliance with disposal guidelines

Cognizant of the inconvenience recalls can cause, I am heartened to see that IKEA’s refund process for this ikea USB charger recall is designed to be straightforward and accommodating. It underscores the importance IKEA places on consumer safety and customer service. If you’re affected by this recall, I encourage you to take immediate steps to rectify the situation.


In my role centering on safety, it is incumbent upon me to underscore the critical nature of swift action in the face of product recalls. The current IKEA USB charger recall casts light on an urgent issue where prompt response is not merely advisable, it’s imperative to prevent the risk of injury. Recognizing the recall for what it is – a protective measure for consumers – can be life-saving. The IKEA recall USB charger is a striking reminder that staying vigilant concerning the gadgets we frequently handle can forestall serious mishaps.

Importance of Responding to Recalls

The safety of our homes and families often hinges on the everyday decisions we make, including how we react to product safety warnings. A recall, such as the IKEA USB charger product recall, is not to be taken lightly. By engaging with these alerts, we contribute to the broader effort of maintaining a market filled with safe and reliable goods. It’s clear that hazards linked to the products we trust, signified by events like the IKEA USB charger warning, need to be addressed by returning the affected items and following the appropriate next steps provided by the company.

Subscribe to Recall Alerts for Safety

To ensure that you are never caught off-guard by similar occurrences, I highly encourage subscribing to a Recall Alerts Newsletter. Arming yourself with knowledge about the most current safety notifications, which include information about the IKEA USB charger recall, empowers you to take preemptive action. Such proactive measures could be crucial in averting unsafe circumstances. Taking control of your safety strategy can mean the difference between potential peril and peace of mind.


What is the reason for the IKEA USB charger recall?

The recall was initiated due to multiple reports of the ÅSKSTORM 40W USB Chargers causing burns and electric shocks. Although no incidents have been reported in the United States, the recall is a precautionary measure to ensure customer safety.

Which IKEA USB charger model is included in the recall?

The recall involves the ÅSKSTORM 40W USB Charger, model number ICPSW5-40-1. It can be identified by this model number found on the back label of the charger.

How many incidents have been reported concerning the recalled IKEA USB charger?

There have been 17 reports worldwide including 5 reports of burn injuries and 4 reports of electric shock concerning the recalled ÅSKSTORM USB charger.

What should I do if I have an ÅSKSTORM 40W USB Charger?

If you have one of the recalled chargers, you are advised to stop using it immediately and return it to an IKEA store for a full refund. You do not need to provide a receipt to receive the refund.

Can I return the recalled USB charger to any IKEA store?

Yes, you can return the recalled ÅSKSTORM charger to any IKEA store for a full refund, regardless of a receipt.

What if I cannot return the IKEA USB charger to the store?

If you can’t return the charger to the store, you should contact IKEA for guidance on how to dispose of the charger safely. IKEA will still provide you with a full refund upon disposal compliance.

How can I identify if my IKEA USB charger is affected by the recall?

Check the back label of your USB charger for the model number ICPSW5-40-1. If your charger displays this model number, it is included in the recall and should be returned to IKEA.

How long was the recalled ÅSKSTORM USB charger available for purchase?

The recalled USB charger was available for purchase at IKEA stores nationwide and online from April 2020 through December 2023.

What are the dangers of continuing to use the recalled USB charger?

Continuing to use the recalled ÅSKSTORM USB Charger poses a risk of burns and electric shocks. It is essential to cease use immediately and follow the recall instructions to ensure your safety.

How can I stay informed about product recalls like this one?

You can subscribe to our Recall Alerts Newsletter to stay informed about the latest safety notices, such as the IKEA USB charger recall, and other critical product updates.

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Rocky Horton


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