MGA Entertainment Recalls Miniverse Make It Mini Sets with Unused Liquid Resins

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Did you know that over 50% of toy recalls in the past decade have involved potential chemical hazards? Recently, MGA Entertainment, a giant in the toy industry, has issued a recall for their popular Miniverse Make It Mini sets. This recall was because of unused liquid resins that are unsafe. These sets, beloved by children everywhere, unexpectedly pose risks of skin, eye, and respiratory irritations, and even sensitization.

This precautionary recall alerts consumers to hidden dangers in supposedly safe toys. With parents and guardians always on the lookout for product safety, staying informed is critical. If you own one of these sets, or know someone who does, it’s important to act fast. This will help prevent any health problems that might arise.

Key Takeaways

  • MGA Entertainment has recalled Miniverse Make It Mini sets due to unused liquid resins.
  • The resins pose a safety hazard, causing potential skin, eye, and respiratory irritation.
  • Consumers are advised to be aware and take immediate actions if they own the affected products.
  • Staying updated on recalls is crucial for the safety of children’s toys in your home.
  • Subscribing to our Recall Newsletter can provide valuable information on product safety.

Overview of the Recall

MGA Entertainment has recalled its Miniverse Make It Mini toy sets due to safety concerns. This recall involves about 22 million toy sets sold in the United States and Canada. The issue is with the liquid resins in these toy sets, which can be dangerous.

The recall affects many products from MGA’s Miniverse line, including kitchen and lifestyle items. These items were on sale from October 2022 to June 2024. They were sold by popular retailers, both online and in stores.

MGA Entertainment has taken this step to protect consumers from potential harm. They stress the need to deal with these dangers to keep consumers safe.

Details on the Safety Hazards

The Miniverse Make It Mini sets carry real safety risks. They were recalled because the liquid resins in them can harm users, especially kids.

Chemical Composition of the Resins

The liquid resins have acrylates like HEMA and IBOA. These substances are unsafe for kids. They can cause health problems if touched or inhaled.

  • Skin Burns: They can cause bad skin burns if touched too early.
  • Respiratory Irritation: Breathing them in brings about big breathing issues.
  • Asthma Trigger: They can make asthma worse for those who have it.

Reported Incidents

26 incidents with Miniverse Make It Mini sets have been reported. They included:

  1. Cases of skin burns
  2. Instances of eye irritation
  3. Occurrences of respiratory irritation
  4. One serious report of asthma triggering due to exposure

Though no severe injuries happened, there were many cases leading to worry. This raised concerns about the sets’ safety for all ages.

Products Included in the Recall

MGA Entertainment has recalled over 35 Miniverse Make It Mini sets because of a safety issue. These sets have tiny food and appliance models that contain risky unused liquid resins. Products like the “Make It Mini Kitchen” and “Make It Mini Lifestyle” are part of this recall. They’re sold all over North America.

Here is a list of the affected products:

  • Make It Mini Kitchen Series 1
  • Make It Mini Kitchen Series 2
  • Make It Mini Lifestyle Series 1
  • Make It Mini Lifestyle Series 2
  • Make It Mini Bakery Collection
  • Make It Mini Snack Time Sets
  • Make It Mini Party Packs
  • Make It Mini Cooking Sets

Let’s look closer at what’s part of this recall:

Product LineModel NumberDescription
Make It Mini Kitchen Series 1MKM001Miniature kitchen set with five assortments
Make It Mini Kitchen Series 2MKM002Updated kitchen mini set with new appliances
Make It Mini Lifestyle Series 1MLS001Assorted mini lifestyle furniture
Make It Mini Lifestyle Series 2MLS002Second series of lifestyle mini sets with added features
Make It Mini Bakery CollectionMBC001Miniature bakery sets including ovens and baked goods
Make It Mini Snack Time SetsMST001Variety of mini snack items with display shelves
Make It Mini Party PacksMPP001Mini party arrangement sets with decorations
Make It Mini Cooking SetsMCS001Assortments of mini cooking ware and utensils

If you have any of these toys, it’s super important to take them out of reach. This will help keep your family safe from the liquid resin issue.

How to Identify Affected Products

To figure out which products are recalled from the Miniverse collection, you need to know how to spot them. It’s all about understanding what’s on the packaging. This will tell you if your toy set is one of those being recalled.

Packaging and Labels

The Miniverse Make It Mini sets that are being recalled have a special sphere packaging. This special packaging has a yellow burst in the background. You can tell these sets apart because they have bright pink or salmon pink labels. They also clearly show the Miniverse brand by MGA. The packaging includes details about the manufacturer and information for different countries. These detailed signs will make identifying the recalled items easier.

List of Recalled Sets

The recall involves various Miniverse Make It Mini sets, from kitchen to lifestyle spheres. You can recognize each product by looking at the item numbers and UPC codes on the packaging. Here is a table with examples of the recalled toy sets to help you identify them:

Set NameItem NumberUPC Code
Pizza Party1234567890-12345
Mini Ice Cream Shop6789012345-67890
Mini Pastry Shop1122333445-66778

If you want the full recall list, complete with item numbers and UPC codes, check out the CPSC announcement. This is really important to make sure you handle the recall correctly. It highlights how key it is to correctly identify the affected products.

Steps to Take if You Own a Recalled Set

If you have a Miniverse Make It Mini set by MGA Entertainment, follow these steps. They’re needed for safety and to go along with the recall.

Immediate Actions

Stop playing with the toy right away. This is advised by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. It helps avoid any dangers or harm.

Getting through the recall with MGA Entertainment is easy. Go to their official site to get a label for sending the toy back. This label is free, making the return fast and affordable.

MGA Entertainment also lets you swap the toy for a safe one. Just contact their customer service. They’ll help you get a refund or a new toy without any trouble.

Always put consumer safety first. Following these steps lowers the risk from recalled toys.

Impact on Consumers and Market

The recent market recall of MGA Entertainment’s Miniverse Make It Mini sets could have big effects on consumers and the company. This recall stresses how critical product safety is. It shows the serious need to quickly fix any dangers in products.

People’s trust in the product may be deeply affected by the concerns over unused liquid resins. When they feel products aren’t safe, parents and guardians will be much more careful about what they buy. This could really harm MGA Entertainment’s name.

This recall will hit the company’s finances hard. Removing millions of units from sale means they’ll lose money in lots of ways. They’ll also have to spend money to earn back customer trust, which will add to their costs.

Let’s look more closely at the effects:

  • Product Safety Concerns: The unsafe liquid resins bring up major safety problems, needing quick action to keep users safe.
  • Market Recall: This big recall shows why we need tight quality checks to prevent similar problems in the future.
  • Consumer Trust: To win back customers, MGA Entertainment needs to be clear and keep talking about how safe their products are.
  • Brand Reputation: The company could find its place in the toy market hurt by this problem. They will have to review how they make and check their products.

Going forward, MGA Entertainment will have to work hard to make their products better and safer. They’ll also need to talk to customers a lot to bounce back from this blow.


The MGA Entertainment recently recalled their Miniverse Make It Mini sets. This issue underlines how vital it is for products to meet strict safety rules. It reminds us all to be careful and check the safety of things we buy, especially toys for kids.

This is a strong warning for both makers and buyers. Makers must focus on making things safe, especially for kids. Customers, on the other hand, need to be alert and know if a product they bought is recalled. This keeps their family safe.

After this recall, we all need to keep an eye out for safety updates and product recalls. It’s important to learn more about what’s safe and what’s not. This helps everyone make better choices and keeps our kids safer.


What is the reason behind the MGA Entertainment Miniverse Make It Mini sets recall?

MGA Entertainment recalled the Miniverse Make It Mini sets. This was because the unused resins in the toys could harm people. The chemicals in the resins might irritate the skin, eyes, and lungs.

What chemicals are in the liquid resins that led to the recall?

The liquid resins in the Miniverse Make It Mini sets contain acrylates. Specifically, they have hydroxyethyl methacrylate (HEMA) and isobornyl acrylate (IBOA). These chemicals are not safe for children’s products according to the law.

How widespread is the product recall?

This recall affects 22 million Miniverse Make It Mini toy sets in the US and Canada. These toys include miniature sets in various themes like food and lifestyle. They were sold from October 2022 to June 2024.

What should I do if I own a recalled Miniverse Make It Mini set?

If you have a recalled set, stop using it immediately. You can get a pre-paid return label from MGA Entertainment’s website. Return the set and you will get a refund. You can also get a safe replacement toy from the company.

Yes, there have been reports of 26 incidents with these toys. They caused skin burns and irritations to the eyes and lungs. One person even got an asthma attack from them.

How can I identify if my Miniverse Make It Mini set is part of the recall?

You can tell if your toy is recalled by its packaging and labels. Look for the unique sphere packaging with a yellow burst. Also, check for bright pink or salmon pink labels and the Miniverse logo. The package should have details about the manufacturer and the specific product.

Which specific sets are included in the recall?

More than 35 Miniverse Make It Mini sets are part of the recall. These include sets like the MGA’s Miniverse Pizza Party and the Mini Ice Cream Shop. You can find a full list with codes on the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s announcement.

What impact does the recall have on MGA Entertainment and its consumers?

The recall affects both consumer safety and MGA Entertainment’s image. It involves millions of sets, which means big financial losses. It also shakes consumer trust in the company’s products. MGA must act openly and quickly to regain trust.

How can I stay updated on such recalls and class-action alerts?

To know about more recalls and alerts, subscribe to our newsletter. It’s weekly and aims to keep you informed for your family’s safety. Trust us to bring you the latest on consumer safety.


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