REI Recalls Children’s Bicycles with Training Wheels Due to Fall and Injury Hazards

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Did you know that more than 75,000 children’s bicycles need to be recalled? REI is recalling its Co-op Cycles REV 12, 16, and 20-inch children’s bicycles, made from 2022 to 2024. This is because the training wheel assembly knobs can get loose. This poses a big risk of falls and injuries for young riders. REI cares a lot about kids’ biking safety. They are offering free repairs for these issues.

Key Takeaways

  • REI bicycle recall affects over 75,000 Co-op Cycles REV children’s bicycles.
  • The recall is due to potential fall and injury hazards related to loose training wheel assembly knobs.
  • Models involved are Co-op Cycles REV 12, 16, and 20-inch bicycles, covering 2022 to 2024.
  • Major injuries reported include scrapes, bruises, and broken arms.
  • REI is offering free repairs to secure the training wheel attachments.
  • Consumers should contact REI customer service for repair scheduling and assistance.

For more detailed information on the recall and how to ensure your child’s safety, keep reading.

Overview of the REI Bicycle Recall

REI recently recalled children’s bicycles from their Co-op Cycles REV series. This recall includes sizes 12 to 20 inches for model years 2022 to 2024. The recall aims to keep young riders safe.

Details on the Affected Models

Several models from the Co-op Cycles REV series are being recalled. The recall covers sizes from 12 to 20 inches for the years shown:

Model YearSize (Inches)
202212, 16, 20
202312, 16, 20
202412, 16, 20

Reason for the Recall

The recall is due to a problem with the training wheels’ assembly knob. This issue lets the knob loosen and the training wheels fall off. Falling off presents danger, increasing the chances of kids getting hurt. REI’s move is to keep kids safe when learning to ride with training wheels.

Steps to Take if You Own an Affected Bicycle

If you have a Co-op Cycles REV kids’ bike, act fast to keep your child safe. Stop using the bike with its training wheels right away. This move helps avoid any possible harm. Follow these steps:

Contacting Local REI Stores

Contact the closest REI store to start. Their team is ready to help with the recall. REI is focused on keeping customers safe. They make sure everyone gets the help they need.

Scheduling Free Repairs

Call to set up a free repair time. The repairs are free, showing REI’s focus on safety and great service.

Options if Visiting the Store is Not Possible

Can’t visit an REI store? No problem. They can send a free repair kit to your home. This way, everyone can stay safe, even from afar, showing REI’s commitment to their customers’ safety.

REI’s Response to Safety Concerns

REI quickly recalled the Co-op Cycles REV Children’s Bicycles due to safety risks. This move shows their strong product safety protocol. It also proves their care for consumer protection.

The company let customers know about the dangers without delay. They set up a hotline and online help to show they mean business with REI quality assurance. People can get help easily, fix their bikes for free, or figure out next steps without going to a store.

REI is standing by their safety standards like this:

  • Immediate Recall: Swiflty called back the risky bicycle models.
  • Communication: Warned customers clearly and quickly about the dangers.
  • Support Access: Made a hotline and online service for customer questions and help.

These moves prove REI’s dedication to product safety. They make sure REI quality assurance and consumer protection are top priorities.

Reported Incidents and Injuries

After the safety recall, it’s important to know the Co-op Cycles REV children’s bicycles cause. The defective training wheels have led to several injury reports. This highlights why looking into the safety recall effect is necessary.

Types of Injuries Reported

The defect caused different kinds of harm. People got minor scrapes and bruises. But, some ended up with broken arms. This shows why it’s crucial to deal with the issue now to stop more injuries.

Number of Reports

REI says there were four formal reports of the wheels falling off. Each of these underlines the risk of using these bikes without fixing them. The recall has had a big effect, making REI act fast to keep kids safe.

Type of InjuryNumber of Reports
Broken Arms2

How to Continue Using the Bicycle Safely

Even though there’s a recall, you can still let your child ride. REI has said it’s okay to use them with some safety steps. I’m going to tell you how to keep your child safe while biking.

Guidelines for Riding Without Training Wheels

Before letting your child bike without training wheels, make sure they’re ready. Here are some tips for safe biking:

  • Proper Helmet Usage: Make sure your child has a helmet, and it fits well. This will protect them if they fall.
  • Supervision: Keep an eye on your child while they ride, especially at first.
  • Safe Environment: Find a wide, clear space without cars or things to crash into. This is the best place for practice.

With these training wheel alternatives, you can help your child grow more confident and skilled at biking. Using these child bicycling tips will help keep them safe until their bike is fixed or replaced as REI suggests.


The recall of REI’s Co-op Cycles REV children’s bicycles with training wheels shows why we must care about product safety. It’s up to us to know about the dangers that our stuff might have. We should act quickly when we get recall alerts to keep our families safe.

Learning about product safety is very important. Knowing why some items get recalled helps us keep our homes safe. To do this, always check for recall updates on trusted websites and notices.

It’s wise to join news and alert services for recall and consumer safety updates. Being well-informed helps us and our neighbors stay safe. With many products facing recalls, it’s crucial we stay alert. This way, we can demand high safety standards and look out for each other.


Which models of children’s bicycles are being recalled by REI?

REI is recalling Co-op Cycles REV children’s bikes in 12, 16, and 20-inch sizes. These are from the years 2022 to 2024. The reason is the training wheels are not safe.

Why has REI initiated a recall for these bicycles?

The training wheel assembly may come loose and fall off. This makes kids more likely to fall and get hurt.

What types of injuries have been reported due to the defective training wheels?

People have reported kids getting scrapes, bruises, and breaking their arms because of the training wheels.

How can I get my child’s bicycle repaired?

If you contact your local REI, they will repair it for free. If you can’t go to a store, they’ll send a kit to fix it.

Can the bicycles still be used without the training wheels?

Yes, it’s safe to use the bikes without training wheels. Just be sure to wear a helmet, have an adult around, and stay in safe areas.

What other recent safety recalls have been issued in the market?

There have been recalls for over 130,000 wireless charging banks due to fire risk. Nearly 300 canned coffee products were pulled for botulism fears. Also, 21 million Miniverse toy sets were recalled because they could cause burns and breathing problems.

How can I stay informed about product recalls and safety notices?

To know about recalls, sign up for alerts. This can help you learn about safety issues that might affect you.

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