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In addition to other recalls of branded clothing products in the last few years, Target recalls toddler clothes at least once a year. Recalled baby products are common, especially for a supermarket-style store like Target. However, the added pressure of branding the products for children inflames any safety concerns, often resulting in a recall.

If you are searching for “Target baby clothes recall,” you or someone you know may have been affected by the products involved. Continue reading for a breakdown of Target recalls on infant clothing as well as other products aimed at children. Speak with an injury attorney experienced in injury cases against corporations to learn more about your eligibility for compensation if you were affected by defective infant clothing.

How Common Are Target Recalls?

Target keeps an itemized list on its website of all the product recalls relevant to its stores. For example, four types of baby seats have already been recalled in 2023.

Though recalls of children’s products are now roughly half of what they were in 2009-2011, dozens of products are still recalled every year. The main reason for a recall is if the product is deemed dangerous, though failing to meet quality standards is another possible reason.

Toys, clothes, seats, and other items branded for children must meet stricter standards than those intended for adults. Choking, chemical irritation, and unsound construction constitute just a few of the possible reasons that a product could be recalled for safety, in addition to failing to meet its advertised quality standards.

What Target Baby Clothes Are Recalled?

From 2021-2022, Target recalls on toddler clothes included two major brands: Cat & Jack and Bentex. Cat & Jack is an internal design line of kids and baby clothes for Target through associations with multiple teams, including Target Design. Bentex, on the other hand, is its own licensed brand of children’s wear.

Bentex Group focuses on newborn clothes and playwear for kids under five. Cat & Jack focuses on babies and toddlers, with offerings including leggings, dresses, jeans, and tees for kids 12 months old and younger.

Below, we break down the specific lines within these brands that are part of the current Target baby clothes recall.

Bentex Children’s Apparel Recall

“Target recalls toddler clothes” hit the headlines on November 23, 2022, when multiple lines of Disney-themed Bentex children’s apparel were recalled from their new Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse products.

The sets were recalled due to a violation of the FDA’s safety standards for paint and lead content, compounds that are toxic when ingested by young children. Around 87,000 units were recalled according to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission. The recalls included nine different styles of clothing, including:

  • Jersey Leggings Set (G9P6456M)
  • Bike Shorts Set (G1E2125MI)
  • Girls Shorts Set (SP2247971DC)
  • Girls Shorts Set (SP2246088DS)
  • Boys Shorts Set (B2E6459LN)
  • 3 Pack Shorts Set (B2E6919MM)
  • 3 Pack Pants Set (B2P6920MM)
  • Children’s Shorts Set (B2E5094PH)
  • Children’s Leggings Set (G2P6361MI)

If you purchased any of these recalled products, you will be refunded for the purchase after returning them.

Cat & Jack Unicorn Pajamas Recall

The Cat & Jack Unicorn Cozy Pajamas Sets were recalled starting on June 2, 2022. These children’s pajama sets were part of the Target baby clothes recall due to failing to meet federally mandated flammability standards, making them a possible burn injury risk. Around 120,000 units of the Cat & Jack pajama sets have been returned so far.

According to the CPSC, parents who purchased the following sets can return them to Target stores for a full refund:

  • Cat & Jack Unicorn Cozy Pajama Set Size XS (075-08-0157)
  • Cat & Jack Unicorn Cozy Pajama Set Size XS (075-08-0158)
  • Cat & Jack Unicorn Cozy Pajama Set Size M (075-08-0159)
  • Cat & Jack Unicorn Cozy Pajama Set Size L (075-08-0160)
  • Cat & Jack Unicorn Cozy Pajama Set Size XL (075-08-0161)

Does Target Give Refunds for Recalled Items?

The short answer to the question of whether Target gives refunds for recalled items is “yes,” though how you bought the item may impact how you need to return it. For instance, if you bought the above clothing items in a Target store, you could bring them to any Target location for a full refund of your purchase without needing a receipt.

However, if you bought the clothes online, you may need to contact Target Guest Relations. Tell them the situation so you can get a prepaid return label. Additionally, Target is known for reaching out to customers who bought recalled items to inform them about the process.

Target Recalls on Other Toddler Products

The Target recalls on toddler clothes are not the only products that have been subject to forced returns in the past few years. Other recent Target recalls include certain brands of car seats, strollers, infant formulas, and Easter egg products.

In some of the cases outlined below, half a dozen products in each product category have been subject to a Target product recall within the last year. Check this page for a full list of recalled products, including the various Target recalls on infant clothing.

Remember that recalled products are often safety hazards due to chemical contents or defective construction. Therefore, recalls should never be ignored, even if you don’t plan on claiming a refund.

Car Seats

There have been many car seats recalled by Target since 2022 for various safety deficiencies. The most recent recalls came in March 2023 when the Maxi-Cosi Car Seats and Maxi-Cosi Coral XP Rear-Facing Car Seats were recalled due to failing to meet safety standards. Testers determined that the carrier did not offer adequate restraints to keep a child in the seat during a car crash.

Other recent car seat recalls include the Cybex Aton 2 Car Seat (2/16/2023) and the Cybex Sirona M Convertible Child Car Seats (4/20/2022). These recalls were due to a design flaw that resulted in one of the restraint straps fraying.


Certain strollers have been recalled based on similar safety concerns with their restraints due to design oversights. These include the Mockingbird Single-to-Double Strollers (11/10/2022), the B. Toys Walk n Learn Wooden Activity Toddler Walkers (3/16/2022), and the Joovy Zoom 360 Jogging Stoller (10/7/2021).

The most recent of these recalls, the Mockingbird brand strollers, were discovered to have a structural weakness in a part of the frame that posed a fall risk to the children riding in it, resulting in nearly 150,000 recalled strollers.

When contacting Mockingbird about your purchase, you can receive a frame reinforcer for free, which allows you to clamp the frame together to make it safer.

Infant Formula

Certain brands of infant formula have been recalled since 2022 due to safety concerns. The ones sold by Target include the Similac Formulas, recalled on 2/17/2022 (including the Similac Ready-to-Feed Formulas on 10/14/2022), the Enfamil Simply Plant-Based Infant Formula (2/20/2023), and the Gerber Good Start Powdered Infant Formula (3/17/2023).

The most recent of these recalls by the Perrigo Company, the makers of the Gerber infant formula products, was due to the suspected presence of a bacteria strain (Cronobacter sakazakii) in some batches of the formula. The recall applies to formula purchased after March 5, 2023. With proof of purchase of the formula in the form of a photo of the affected cans, you are eligible for a full refund through Perrigo/Gerber.

Target Easter Egg Recall

The recall of Target Easter egg products dates back to 2017, but it remains a prominent example of safety recalls for Target products. In this case, over 560,000 products were recalled due a suspected ingestion hazard that could result in serious harm or even death.

The products recalled included Easter Grow Toys, Hatch & Grow Easter Eggs, and Hatch Your Own Dino Egg. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission pointed out that ingesting tiny toys that expand when exposed to liquid could pose a potential intestinal obstruction that could become life-threatening, even requiring surgery to remove them. Thankfully, no injuries were reported.

What To Do If You or Your Child is Injured by a Defective Product?

Product injuries from recalled baby products are quite common. If you suspect that you or a family member was hurt by a defective product, here are some steps that you should take, not only for your safety but also to prepare for any personal injury claim you hope to make.

  1. Seek immediate medical attention.

Never wait to have your injuries treated if you were hurt by a defective product. Any delay could be dangerous as well as costly for your future injury case. An emergency room can treat your injuries as well as clearly document them, while a doctor can offer you treatment advice that you should always follow if you want to have a successful personal injury case.

  1. Document evidence for your claim.

Your personal injury case will require evidence supporting your claim, including the product that hurt you and proof of purchase like a receipt or online order number. Save the product box and documentation as well since anything can help your case.

Additionally, you may need photos of your injuries as well as photos of the defect. Your medical records could be important evidence to save as well since a doctor’s diagnosis can be instrumental in proving a personal injury case.

  1. Refrain from speaking about the injury.

If you are contacted by the product manufacturer, their corporate lawyers, or insurance people, you should refrain from talking to them about anything except the returns process until you speak with an attorney. Anything you say to them could be construed as an admission of fault or as proof that your injuries are exaggerated.

You should also refrain from posting about the injury on social media as anything you say could be interpreted in unpredictable ways by a judge if your personal injury claim makes it to court.

  1. Hire an experienced product injury lawyer.

Target may offer you refunds for products, but their lawyers and guest relations employees are not on your side when it comes to winning compensation for a product liability case. If you were injured by a product, contact an experienced product injury lawyer to learn more about your eligibility for compensation and the steps you should take to win it.


While “Target recalls infant clothing” is a scary thing for any parent to read, you have recourse if you were injured by their products or simply bought them and want a refund. Contact Target guest relations to learn how to return your merchandise. Meanwhile, if you or a loved one was injured by a defective product, contact an experienced product liability attorney to learn more about your case.

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